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CLOSED - Clifford Gallery Exhibition: Rebecca Murtaugh: Telluric Meditari

Fri Feb 28, 2020 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Through abstraction and transformation, Rebecca Murtaugh creates sculptures that ask the viewer to slow down to consider our relationship to the natural and human made world. Included in the gallery will be sculptural objects and the installation “Reflective”, which will provide a meditative space for the viewer to sit within. The role of the hand and the history of objects play important roles in the artists’ philosophy as well as gesture and touch; which is imparted with immediacy and subtlety in materials with pre-historic origins and being directly from and of the earth.

“In an increasingly mediated world, one of the most radical things artists can do is to use their hands, especially in the transformation of matter in its most telluric forms: earth, stone, wood, pigments, and oil." – David Levi Strauss

Opening reception Wednesday, March 4, immediately following lecture (see lecture listings)